How does the event work?
Purchase tickets at the door for $1 each. Each ticket can be exchanged for a slice, a soda, a Brewla Bar, a cookie or a raffle ticket. VIP passes are available in advance through this link so you and a friend can skip to the head of the line for $100. 

Where does the money go?
100% of the proceeds from Slice Out Hunger's $1 Slice Night go directly to NYC hunger relief charities. Exact beneficiaries will be announced on social media and at the event. 

Who runs the event?
Slice Out Hunger is a 501(c)3 nonprofit run entirely by volunteers. What began as a small pizza party in 2008 has evolved into New York’s biggest pizza party, now in its eighth year as a charity event in support of New Yorkers.

Will my pizza be hot?
Some pizza has traveled far while others come from a couple blocks away, so there is no guarantee the pizza will be hot. The logistics of bringing in ovens or hot plates is not possible at this time. We have shifted some pizzerias to later in the evening so pizza will not be sitting around for too long without being eaten. We will also have a few mobile ovens and pizza trucks on hand for the 2016 event, so their pizza will be fresh.

Can I go through the room more than once?
You can, but it means you have to go all the way outside and wait in line again so people who haven't been through the room have a chance. It's just easier to take all your slices in one pass so everyone waiting in line has an opportunity to experience the event.

Is there a limit to the number of slices I can purchase?
YES. In order to serve more people, we'll be imposing a limit of 10 slice tickets per person after the first 30 people in line. That means the first 30 people will have no limit, but those after the first 30 will have a limit. 

Will there be gluten free or vegan options?
YES! Keep an eye out on social media and at the event for announcements regarding which pizzerias will have gluten free and vegan options. All pizzerias will have vegetarian options.  

Why aren’t there any plates?
Plates cannot hold many slices, but a pizza box can! This is a special box, called the Green Box (what, you didn't see them on Shark Tank???), which has a perforated lid designed to break down into plates. Ask a SOH volunteer for help if you have trouble figuring it out!

Can I purchase more tickets if I run out?
No. To keep the line running smoothly, we ask that you purchase all the tickets you think you’ll need as you enter the event. Remember that every dollar you spend provides meals for New Yorkers who have difficulty affording food.

What if I have unused tickets?
No ticket will go unused even if we run out of pizza. You can use your tickets for drinks, desserts and raffle prizes!

Who are the sponsors and what did they do?
Our amazing sponsors make this event possible by donating product, financing event costs, and matching the event’s donation to NYC hunger relief charities. If you're interested in becoming a sponsor, please contact us here

Can I buy more than one slice from a single pizzeria?
No. We want to serve as many people as possible so only one slice per pizzeria per person.

Can I pay for tickets with a credit card?
This event is CASH ONLY.

Can I purchase tickets in advance?
This year we have added an option for advance tickets. The VIPizza Passport will allow you and a guest to skip to the front of the line with 10 tickets to start -- all for a $100 donation.

Can I skip to the front of the line?
Yes! We’ll be running contests leading up to the event that will get you access to the front of the line. We'll also have to options for purchase that will let you advance to the front: The VIPizza Passport will allow you and a guest to skip to the front of the line with 10 tickets to start - all for a donation of $100 through our website. Our second option is the VIPizza Speedy Delivery, which lets you and a friend skip directly to the front of the line (available at the event only, not in advance).

I can’t be there on October 5, can I make a donation through your website?
Absolutely! Use this link!