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Step 1 - Locate Participating PIzzerias

Sign up for the program by filling out this application. All we need is some basic information about your pizzeria so we can blab about you on social media and in our press releases. There is NO cost to participate.


Step 2 - Sponsor a Pie 

Sell your "Slice Out Special" pizza and let your customers know that every pie they buy will support No Kid Hungry. Brag about your participation on social media using #pizza4good and #sliceoutspecial.


Step 3 - Feed People in Need 

All donations should be sent to 'Slice Out Hunger" at 244 Fifth Ave, S-260 NY, NY 10001. We'll send a check for the grand total over to No Kid Hungry. The top three fundraisers will receive prize packages with Bianco DiNapoli tomatoes, Molino Caputo flour, WestRock pizza boxes, and Galbani cheese.

February 9 is National Pizza Day. We're gearing up to celebrate in the biggest way possible, with a coordinated effort to help our neighbors in need across the U.S. Participating pizzerias pledge to donate a minimum of 10 pizzas to the local food bank, soup kitchen, or relief program of their choice on February 9, 2018. 

Frequently Asked Questions {for participating pizzerias}

Does it cost me anything to participate? 

> No!

May I select to which soup kitchen I will deliver?

> Absolutely. Just let us know so we can help coordinate and add them to our list of recipients. 

I signed up. Now what?

> STEP 1: Beginning January 1, let your customers know you'll be participating in this nationwide campaign. Use the hashtags #pizza4good #[pizza slice emoji]x[American flag emoji] and tag @sliceouthunger (@sliceout on Facebook) so we can repost. 

> STEP 2: Accept sponsored pizzas. Your customers should be able to pay it forward by purchasing additional pizzas in your store or on your website. Keep an active tally on your wall to encourage more people to participate. You can reward your customers with coupons or bonuses if that's your thing. 

>STEP 3: Deliver all sponsored pizzas plus your 10 donated pizzas to your local food pantry or soup kitchen on February 9, 2018. Shoot like video or take photos and post with hashtags #pizza4good #[pizza slice emoji]x[American flag emoji] and tag @sliceouthunger (@sliceout on Facebook) so we can repost. 

How can I help promote the campaign?

> Tell your customers about your pizza using the hashtags #pizza4good #[pizza slice emoji]x[American flag emoji] and tag @sliceouthunger (@sliceout on Facebook) so we can repost. on social media. Also be sure to follow @sliceouthunger on TwitterInstagram, and Facebook so you can monitor for our posts about YOUR pizzeria! If you tag us, we'll spread the love by reposting.

> It's also a great idea to post a live tally on your wall on a chalkboard or poster so your customers will know you're participating. 

Why should I participate in this campaign rather than hosting my own?

> There is great power in unity. Combining under a single campaign helps the pizza community as a whole and greatly amplifies the message that we care about our neighbors. It also helps garner media attention and general awareness, since we'll all be promoting the same thing.