Escalon’s “One Can Make a Difference” Campaign

Last month’s International Pizza Expo in Las Vegas brought thousands of pizza industry professionals together from all around the world for four days of workshops, seminars, networking, and competitions. One of the country’s leading tomato packers, Escalon (owned by Heinz), devised a brilliant way to engage prospective customers by offering to donate a can of tomato product to hunger relief for every badge they scanned at the event. 

The company recently reported that they will be shipping over 1,000 cans to Cambodia this summer through the Stop Hunger Now campaign, which delivers food, essentials, and disaster relief to 65 countries around the world. Need is great in Cambodia, where one in three people live below the poverty line. 

Escalon will be shipping their 6-in-1 product, a ground tomato used by many pizzerias around the US.